You could argue that besides the exterior roof and walls, your interior flooring is one of the important and most used materials of your house or business. It is constantly subjected to dirt, water, mud, walking, running, drops, furniture, and countless other stressful pressures that your floors will commonly encounter. It can be an overwhelming process to learn about, select and make the right investment in flooring that you will have to rely upon and look at for many years to come. For over 20 years we have taken great pride in making sure that all homes and businesses have a local place that makes getting new beautiful flooring as easy as ever. From the moment you walk through our door we will make sure that you learn what you need to know about the differences in flooring materials, features, prices, and installation options. We take all of the time necessary to make sure that you are informed and confident during the whole project process so you will be absolutely 100% satisfied. Stop by our showroom today and let us show you how easy, quick, and affordable it is to get the perfect flooring you have always wanted.


Ceramic, Porcelain, Granite, Glazed, Vinyl, and More

Tile flooring offers durability and timeless beauty that few other types of flooring materials can offer. We offer tile in ceramics porcelain, granite, marble, vinyl, and others so you can find the perfect fit for your flooring needs. With tiling you can have a floor that is wear-and-tear, moisture, stain, fire, scratch resistant, and visually appealing at a price that is very affordable. The possibilities are endless with tile so stop by our showroom and let us show you how easy it is to select and install the perfect tile you’ve always wanted.


Endless Textures, Patterns, Colors, and Prices

Our selection of carpet includes countless textures, patterns and colors that will fit any residential or commercial setting. Whether you are replacing existing carpet or installing it in a new build you are sure to find the perfect choice that your feet and eyes will love in our showroom. Carpet flooring has now become more stain resistant and durable, yet has still managed to keep the plush softness that your feet know and love. We can help you find the right carpet, padding, and installation package to fit any needs or budget


Countless Woods, Colors, Textures, Arrangments, and Possibilities

Wood and laminate is a popular choice of flooring because of its remarkable properties of subtle warmth, ease of care and lasting durability. We offer this type of flooring in both hard or soft natural woodsm, and wood laminate which is a mix of natural and synthetic materials. Both natural and laminate wood flooring offer a high level of resilience to liquid, traffic, and impact so it is a very flexible material that can be used many areas such as bedrooms, offices, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and more. We stock a vast selection of wood and laminate in our store so we can make sure you experience for yourself and learn about the differences in wood types, care needs, color, grain, finish and other important factors that you have always wanted to know about this type of flooring material.