Thank you for making us proud to be locally owned for over 20 years

For over 20 years our locally owned showroom has made turning projects into awe-inspiring works of art both affordable and easy for the Las Cruces area. As a locally owned business we take great pride and pleasure in working to build a relationship with our customers face-to-face so we can truly understand all of your project needs, desires and budget. By combining our great selection of products, customer service, experience, and great prices you can be certain that you will get the best possible results.
We believe that these important customer service and knowledge elements are missing when you try to learn about all of your options and work through your project at big stores like Home Depot and Lowes. With over 20 years of doing business with homeowners, contractors, businesses and government we have the experience that you can rely on to make your next project goes absolutely perfect. We invite you to experience our showroom for yourself to learn, dream, and discover the possibilities without the pressure and lost feeling you may have experienced in other stores before. Building and remodeling, no matter the budget or other limiting factors, should be an exciting and fun experience and we guarantee that you will always find this welcoming atmosphere in our showroom. Locally owned, great service, great prices and great atmosphere is the A&R Home Products experience that so many customers have come to know and trust over the years.


Blanca Rasura has owned A&R Home Products at 201 East Union Street for over 15+ years, where she and her staff have proudly served the southwest community with great products and customer service. A&R Home Products is a both Woman and Hispanic American owned small business.. Blanca believes that providing excellent customer service and employing knowledgable, experienced employees to help the customer are the two most important factors that has made her store such a successful local business that the community has come to love and trust. She strives to provide an atmosphere that is friendly and engaging from the moment you first walk in her store through the final revealing moment when your new home products have been installed in your home or business. Blanca and her staff have over 40+ years in combined experience with home products areas such as flooring and cabinetry so you can trust that your design, estimates, procurement, and installation will be done with precision and care. At a major retailer it is often hard to find the dependable expertise and customer service that you desire or need. At A&R Home Products Blanca and her staff will take the time it takes so you the customer can get both great service, great prices, and great results.


Great Service

At other stores customer service seems to be a vanishing trend, In our showroom it is the centerpiece of our operation and success. We take the time necessary to learn about your needs, wants, and budget so we can provide you with a variety of possible choices. With one-to-one service and decades of experience amongst our staff you can rest assured that you will always be in good hands and treated with care.

Great Selection

When you walk in a big home improvement store or shop online it is easy to get lost in thousands of products and choices. What goes with what and what are the differences between all of the choices? At A&R we stock only the best products with as many different prices and options as possible in our showroom. With this type of selection you can see, feel, and ask us as many questions as you have so you can confidently choose the right mixture of quality, cost and aesthetics for your project.

Great Prices

We would all love to have an unlimited source money for our projects, but in reality most customers have a desired or defined budget for their project. We believe that you don’t have to sacrifice customer service, product quality, or product beauty when operating on a budget. Aside from our in-store warehouse supply, our store has access to different product manufactures around the world so we can always find you the right product at the right price.